Our Staff

Rich Hiscox

Involved with Softball since the Fall of 1988 when we first met to add Girls Fast Pitch Softball to the Sprague Franklin Little League. Spent 20 years with LL holding every position up to ADA for Special Games except Treasurer. I have effectively run the CT Bombers, with others (most notably my wife Yvonne) since 2002. I have coached from 10-U through 16-U multiple times. Currently coaching the 12-U Teal team with my oldest granddaughters along with the 10-U team for the 2021 season.

Yvonne Hiscox

A mother of two former players. I joined the CT Bombers as a Board Member in 1998 and took the Treasurer's role in 2002 when the previous office holder resigned. Proud to have helped the organization grow in a controlled manner from a single team to a complete organization. Happy to have met and been befriended by many good quality people over the years. The number of girls that have benefited from the program is astounding.